Billing Transparency

We strive to make the insurance billing process fair and transparent. If you have questions about how much your visit might cost, we are happy to provide an estimate. Unfortunately, the insurance system is very complex and insurers often don’t tell us how much they will pay for our services.

If you receive a surprise bill, we are happy to work with you to make the charge as fair as possible. Ultimately, it is important for you to know what your insurance covers, your copay amount, your co-insurance amount, and your annual deductible. It is also very important to make sure Bridge Primary is listed as your primary care provider with your insurance. If your insurance will not pay for your visit/service, you will be responsible for the payment.

We are a small, locally owned business and in order to survive we bill insurance for all services that require medical advice or a medical procedure based on reasonable and fair best industry practices. This includes an office/video telehealth visit, a procedure done in the office, and portal messages asking for medical advice. Your insurance will not be charged for portal messages related to a recent or upcoming (within 7 days) office/telehealth visit. If you are asking for advice about a new medical issue over the portal, your insurance will be billed. If you’d prefer to have an appointment instead, we are happy to arrange one. Your insurance will not be billed for phone calls to our office or medical advice given over the phone.

If you have any questions or comments, please use our “Contact Us” page, or send us a message over the patient portal.

Cash Menu
Below is the price for services if paid outside of insurance. These are not the prices we bill insurance companies. We accept cash and credit card.

Office Visits: These visits cover the in-office or video telehealth portion of the visit. If outside tests are required you will be billed by the outside facility (labs, imaging, specialists).

New Patient: $150

This visit consists of a complete intake. We will take a full history from you, review your health maintenance and make referrals or update anything that is overdue. Depending on time, this visit may include 1 acute problem to be addressed.

1 Problem Focused Visit: $100

This visit focuses on 1 acute health concern. For example: ankle injury, rash, cough.

2 Problem Focused Visit: $125

This visit focuses on 2 acute health concerns. For example: ankle injury and cough, rash and headaches.

Annual Exam: $200

This visit consists of a review of your health maintenance. This includes ensuring you are up to date on all of the recommended screening tests and procedures for your age. It ensures you are up to date on all of your vaccinations. It will include a complete head to toe physical exam based on the current recommended guidelines.

Procedural Visits: $175

These visits consist of small in office procedures such as incision and drainage of an abscess or cortisone injections. If the procedure involves placing an IUD, you will also be responsible for the cost of the IUD.

Nurse Visits $100

EKG visit only $50

Specialty Services:

IV Hydration: $150

This fee covers any of our baseline infusions. We also offer add ons for your infusion based on what the infusion goal is.

-Zofran: $25

-Toradol: $25

-Both: $40

Medical Marijuana:

Initial Certification: $175 Recertification: $125